End-to-end Implementation

Will Stevnswealth & asset management partner at PwC, said:  “PwC is delighted to be a founding member of the Envizage partner ecosystem. Our broad capabilities help allow our financial services clients to make the most of Envizage’s holistic advice engine. Envizage has the potential to transform the way financial products are explained and sold to consumers. We look forward to working with our clients and Envizage to help consumers achieve better outcomes in the future.”

Contact:  Will Stevns |  +44 20 72 12 28 52  | william.stevns[at]pwc.com  | pwc.com

Kartik Pawan, head of fintech at Capgemini, said: “We are delighted to partner with Envizage. Their patented simulation-based analytic engine fills an unmet need for consumers by helping them understand their choices and tradeoffs and putting financial products in the context of their lives and futures. We believe it can help us deliver differentiated and compelling digital solutions for our financial services clients across the world.”

Contact:  Kartik Pawan | +1 415-481-7839 | kartik.pawan[at]capgemini.com | capgemini.com

User Experience and User Interface Design

Matt Brooke-Smith, founder and CEO, said: “Envizage tackles one of life’s truly difficult problems – how to get society to plan for the future. We’ve been working with them since the early days of their project to convert their passion into engaging user experiences with the power to change the way people think about financial products and services – for the better!”

Contact:  Eloise Bloniarz | +44 20 7183 1061 | eloise[at]futureworkshops.com | futureworkshops.com

Marcus Thornley, founder and CEO, said: “Envizage share our belief that concepts from the world of computer games can increase consumer engagement and drive better future outcomes for consumers of financial services. We are delighted to be a part of their ecosystem and look forward to applying our unique skills and experience to bring their powerful engine to life.”

Contact:  Marcus Thornley | +44 20 3780 8774 | marcus[at]play-consult.co.uk | play-consult.co.uk

Marilyn Cole, founder, said: “Our mission is to enrich the relationships financial brands have with their customers by simplifying the world of money. Envizage’s unique proposition fits our mission and we look forward to growing our collaboration with them in the U.K. and Australia.”

Contact:  Marilyn Cole | +44 14 83 40 06 80 | marilyn.cole[at]space01.co.uk | space01.co.uk

Account Aggregation

Lowell Putnam, founder and CEO, said: “Quovo’s account connectivity technology complements the Envizage analytic engine, allowing consumers to make better, more confident financial decisions. We have already collaborated with Envizage to deliver differentiated solutions for leading global financial institutions and we look forward to building on this experience to take the Envizage ecosystem to the next level.”

Contact:  Yelena Reznikova | +1-212-643-0695 | info[at]quovo.com | quovo.com

Behavioural Finance: Decision Support, Suitability, and Client Profiling Tools

Greg B Davies, head of Behavioural Finance, said: “Oxford Risk understands the vital importance of using behavioural approaches to help people navigate complexity, make better decisions, and feel comfortable with those decisions. Envizage are a partner with a thoughtful and holistic view of how investor goals and objectives should guide financial planning; and one with a close alignment to our own philosophy. Their software complements our behaviourally grounded financial personality, risk capacity, and investment suitability tools.”

Contact: Nick Charnley  | +44 (0) 203 9412807  | nick.charnley[at]oxfordrisk.com  | OxfordRisk.com

Automated Advice Journeys and Capital Markets Assumptions

Paul McNamara, Chief Executive Officer said:  “EValue is thrilled to partner with Envizage to provide direct access to our new easy-to-integrate APIs and our industry-leading long-term capital markets assumptions. EValue’s solutions complement Envizage. We hope that our APIs will allow providers to develop more innovative and engaging user experiences for consumers, that can in turn drive more informed decision-making.”

Contact:   Andrew Storey  | +44 79 89 33 74 22  | andrew.storey[at]ev.uk  | ev.uk

Advisor Software

Jose Supico, Chief Executive Officer, said:  “Advicefront has partnered with Envizage to work on solutions that allow both advisers and consumers to harness the power of data, behavioural finance and a great user experience when giving and receiving advice, resulting in great client outcomes and a truly scalable workflow for financial advisory firms. Both companies are passionate about what they are trying to achieve and how they can help foster financial wellness around the world.”

Contact:  Jose Supico  | +44 74 41 91 70 77  | jose[at]advicefront.com  | advicefront.com

Portfolio and Tax Optimization

Sean Slotterback, founder and CEO, said:  “Envizage shares Decipher’s vision to look beyond the current state of financial planning towards a holistic and technologically-driven approach delivered through APIs.  Our quantitative approach to the investment portfolio provides personalized strategies that dovetail perfectly within Envizage’s holistic approach to help consumers plan for the future.”

Contact:  Sean Slotterback | +1 415 964 1618 | sean[at]decipherfinance.com | decipherfinance.com

Economic modelling content and expertise

Phil Mowbray, Senior Director of Wealth and Pensions Solutions at Moody’s Analytics said, we are delighted to partner with Envizage to provide our economic modelling expertise and support our joint passion to engage customers and improve financial outcomes. 

In a world where individuals face increasingly complex financial risks, Moody’s Analytics economic modelling solutions illustrate the likely range of financial outcomes for any investment strategy and cash flow profile. These solutions complement Envizage’s capabilities, helping customers to understand, measure, and manage their financial risk.

Contact:  Phil Allen | +44 207 772 1411 | phil.Allen[at]moodys.com | moodysanalytics.com

About Envizage

Envizage (a trading name of Lifescale Limited) develops simulation-based analytic software that helps consumers identify, understand and manage the risks to their future plans.  Envizage partners with banks, insurance companies and asset managers to create unique applications powered by its holistic analytic platform, which are made available to the customers of our clients.  Our mission is to enable individuals and households to improve their future and manage the uncertainties that lie ahead.

Contact: Vinay Jayaram  | +44 79 01 88 88 66  | contact-us@envizage.me  | envizage.me